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join the club

So if you love this as much as we do...there's really only one thing to do. That's right...join the riaza family! It's easy to do and doesn't hurt that much (honestly...). But before we get to that...there are a few things you need to know. If you live anywhere other than California - this might not work. It's nothing personal. There are a lot of states that prohibit wine shipments outright...and even more that require wineries to pay for and maintain permits in order to legally ship wine. And since we don't want to end up in the pokey (or pay a big, fat fine), we're limited in terms of what states our members can hail from. The work-around (should you live one of "those" states) is to have you pick up your wine (rather than having us ship it). And let's face it...it's a great excuse to get you back here (and save some money to boot)!

If you're still with us, here's how it works:

  • There is no charge to join the club (we do require a six-month minimum commitment...that's only two releases people).

  • You'll never have to pay a tasting fee (and if you roll in with your friends...chances are we'll cover their fees too).

  • You have two options to choose from...plan a gets you two bottles of wine every quarter and plan b gets you four.

  • You get a 20% discount on all wine purchases with plan a (25% for plan b) and exclusive access to our club selections.

  • You get first crack at all of our new releases (and you'll be on the short list to buy a limited number of futures every vintage).

  • You get invited to some pretty sweet release parties (at no charge...for you and a plus-one) and the chance to get discounted tickets for every event we put on.


In terms of next steps, you've got a couple of options. First, download the club application, print it out, fill in the blanks and get it to the tasing room (in person, via email or even snail mail). Or second, you can give us a call (209-625-1103) and we can fill in the blanks for you.