This Carignane bubbly will knock you on your ass. Made in the traditional style (i.e. no short cuts here), this sparkling is both delicate and assertive. The fruit hits first (on the nose and palate) followed quickly by bright acidity. The finish hangs out for a bit - encouraging you to pop that second bottle.

'19 bubbly rosé

  • This just might be one of the best sparkling wines you'll ever taste. Seriously (and for the ain't braggin' if you can back it up). We took some meticulously farmed, old as hell Carignane - used the traditional champenois method - and created something absolutely special. Now for the particulars. After harvest and the initial fermentation, the wine was aged for seven months in stainless steel - followed by four months in bottle (during which time the bottle fermentation and riddling were completed). The final alcohol content is 13.1% by volume and a total of 42 cases were produced.