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Not a typo or a mis-print...we actually made a Sauvignon Blanc. Citrus and pineapple dominate the nose - with bright acidity and a touch of richness helping to keep things fresh and exciting. The finish offers up that subtle "grassy-ness" that you'd expect.

'20 elemental

  • One of our growers (who has become a really good friend over the past five or so years) had been in my ear for a while asking if we'd like to make a Sauvignon Blanc. For '19, I ran out of reasons to say "no" to John and we ended up making something pretty fun. So much so that we decided to do it again for '20! After harvest and fermentation (all in stainless steel), the wine was aged for about nine months. The final alcohol content is 11.3% by volume and a total of 119 cases were produced.

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