sweetheart deal (aka "don't be a stupid cupid")

Alright guys...Valentine's Day is fast approaching and we are doing everything we can to make you look like a rock-star this year! That's why we're rolling out our "sweetheart deal!" Here's everything you need to know. The deal gets you two bottles of the '19 bubbly rosé, two stemless champagne flutes and a four-pack of chocolate truffles from our favorite pastry chef - all for just $75! Now that in and of itself is enough to earn you some serious points! But there's more. Every "sweetheart" deal purchased by the big day gets you a chance to win the "don't be a stupid cupid" giveaway - which is a kick-ass, three-course dinner prepared by our good friends (and kitchen ninjas) Daniel and Bri Cortez of IGNIS Provisions...in your very-own house! That's right...they'll show up, put together an amazing meal for you and your sweetheart and we'll even throw in a wine to go with each course. Check out all the specifics below. So if you're looking to up your game this year guys...this is the way to do it!

swetheart deal-01.jpg
stupid cupid-01.jpg
stupid cupid-02.jpg