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brunch yo!

Have you been to brunch yet? If are seriously missing out. Our good friends Daniel and Bri from IGNIS Provisions are with us a couple times a month...crankin' out some of the best eats in town! Now if you're new to the whole brunch thing (or if you just need a quick refresh), here's what's up: 1) we open at 11a on "Brunch Sundays"; 2) if you’re planning on stopping by, make an reservation (we’d hate for you to roll in and not have anywhere to sit); 3) get here early (trust us...they will run out of food...they always do); and 4) spread the word (we wanna turn this into a regular thing and need your help to make it happen)! Now what are ya waiting for...make that reservation already...

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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