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the team


This is the team that makes this whole thing go. And while it is true that we all have “official” titles on our business cards, here’s what you really need to know. They don't matter all that much. If something needs to get done...we get it done. That's why you'll see Erin behind the bar. That's why you'll see Rick stocking cases. That's just how it is around here...and we wouldn't change it for anything.

So if you have a question that needs answered...hit us up.

Erin Taylor

owner/el jefe


winemaker/beer dude/doer of things

Staci Bock

ops manager/shot caller

Lexi Baker

tasting room ninja/partner in crime

Ariana Contreras

tasting room ninja/resident bad-ass

Duncan Atkinson

asst. beer dude/resident musician

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