come see us (from a distance) here's where things stand (as of today). On January 25, 2021, the State rescinded its latest stay-at-home order and reverted back its colored tier system in response to COVID-19. As such, San Joaquin County is in the purple tier - which does permit limited tastings at the winery. So...we are once again accepting reservations for tastings (book it). We have also re-modified our business hours to "pre-lockdown" status (Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12p to 5p). Additionally, we are still offering curb side pick-ups, walk-in purchases and local delivery (deets are below).

To make it easy for you to still get the good stuff, our curb side service is officially up and running! So if ya want, you'll be able to roll up, pop the trunk and load up! If you'd like a little more personal interaction (socially distanced of course), we are also welcoming walk-ins! It's kinda like the good ol' days...but different. We're also continuing to make the rounds with our local delivery service. So if you happen to be anywhere between Elk Grove and Stockton, we can bring the stuff to your front door for just $10 (or maybe even for free). If you're not exactly local (or just not quite ready to get back out there), you can order online and we can have the wine shipped directly to you. And depending on how much you order (and whether or not you're a member of the club), it could only run ya $10.

Like everyone else, we're anxious to get back to doing what we love. Please know that we are committed to keeping everyone safe...and appreciate your understanding (and flexibility) as we continue to work through this. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about how we're doin' things.