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With the holidays fast approaching, we thought it might be kinda cool if folks could share the good stuff! Enter THE GIFT CARD. Now you can give the wine (and/or beer) lovers in your life a gift they'll actually appreciate (let's be honest...novelty socks just don't cut it these days). The cards are available in any denomination you'd like...and can be used to load up on wine, beer, swag, club memberships or even tickets for upcoming events. I know what you're thinking...and the answer is yes. We really have thought of just about every conceivable way for you to gift the good stuff!

Now since these are actual gift cards, there are two super-simple ways to get 'em. First, you can pop by the tasting room and let our kick-ass staff take care of things. They'll load your card, take your money, give ya a gift receipt, pour you a glass (or pint) and send you on your way. Option two (if you're just too damn comfy in those PJs) is as easy as droppin' us a line. Seriously. We'll get your info, load the card, send you a receipt and even drop the think in the mail for ya! Talk about making it easy...

gift card mock up-01.jpg
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